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    PINNACLE 1, 2 & 4 CAMS

    12V Hard Wire Kit - Pinnacle Single, Dual and Quad Camera Systems
    TDPRIME12VPC Ensure that the Pinnacle 4K Single, Dual or Quad Camera Dash Cam is on at all times with a Clean, OEM look! The 12V Hard Wire Power Cable will allow the Pinnacle Dash Cam to be installed using a 12...
    $ 19.99 $ 27.99
    DC Cig Lighter Charging Cord for Pinnacle Dash Cams
    Do you need a a replacement or an additional Cigarette Lighter 12 volt charging cord? This is a replacement DC Charging Cord. This cord will work for the following dash cams: Pinnacle Single, Dual and Quad Dash Cams Order $25.00...
    $ 18.99 $ 22.99
    GPS - Pinnacle 2 Camera & 4 Camera GPS Antenna
    TDPINNACLEGPS Pinnacle 2 and 4 Camera Dash Cams offer GPS technology, however, you must purchase the GPS Antenna for this to be functional. With this GPS Antenna added, you can: Track Speed of Vehicle Track Longitude and Latitude of Vehicle...
    $ 18.99 $ 27.99
    CAMERA - Pinnacle Outside Camera Replacement
    TD2NDPINNACLECAM Replacement Outside Camera for Pinnacle Dual & Quad Dash DVR Dash Cam System with 20' extension cable Works this these camera's:  Click on camera pic for direct link! Order $25.00 or more to receive FREE shipping, otherwise, shipping will cost $2.99...
    $ 28.99 $ 34.99
    Windshield Mount - Pinnacle Single, Dual or Quad Camera Suction Cup Mount
    TDPINNACLEMOUNT Replacement or Additional Suction Cup Windshield Mount for Pinnacle Single, Dual and Quad Dash Cams  Only works for the Pinnacle Single, Dual or Quad Cam System (pictured below)         
    $ 11.99 $ 17.99