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    Ensure that the EagleEye 4: 3 Cam Dash cam is on at all times with a Clean, OEM look!

    The 12v Hard Wire Power Cable will allow the EagleEye 4: 3 dash cam to be installed using a 12 volt power source rather than the cigarette lighter charger. This will free up your cigarette lighter charger to be used for other purposes and will eliminate a power cable hanging from the windshield to the cigarette lighter charger. The installation will look much cleaner and OEM and will ensure that your EagleEye 4: 3 Dash Cam is on when the vehicle is on. Installation of a 12 volt power source is required and takes 10-20 minutes.

    • Powers only the EagleEye 4: 3 dash cam using hard line 12 volt power source
    • Replaces the 12 volt cigarette lighter charging cord for a clean, permanent installation
    • 9 ft Cable
    • Includes 1 year warranty

    Buy 2 or more to receive FREE shipping, otherwise, shipping will cost $2.99

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