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    Replace Your Cigarette Lighter Power/Charger Cord.

    The Top Dawg DVR 12V Hard Wire Power Kit will allow a Top Dawg DVR Dash Cam to be installed using a 12 volt power source rather than the cigarette lighter charger and will ensure that your Dash Cam is on at all times.

    This will free up your cigarette lighter charger to be used for other purposes and will eliminate a power cable hanging from the windshield to the cigarette lighter charger.

    The installation will look much cleaner and OEM and will ensure that the Top Dawg DVR Dash Cam is on when the vehicle is on.

    Installation to a 12 volt power source is required and takes 10-20 minutes.


    • Powers all Top Dawg DVR Dash Cams using hard line 12 volt power source.
    • Replaces the 12 volt cigarette lighter charging cord for a clean, permanent installation.
    • Ensures that the DVR Dash Cam is on and receiving power when the vehicle is on.


    • 9 foot cable
    • Mini-USB
    • Free Volt Input: 12V-24V
    • Volt/Current Output: DC 5V/1.5A
    • Product Name: DVR Dash Cam 12 Volt Hard Wire Power Cable
    • Part Number: TDDVRCAM12VC

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