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    You Can Make a Digital Wireless Camera PORTABLE – (Like Having 2 Cameras!)

    Here is a unique solution from RV Electronics that allows you to use a Single Digital Wireless Camera System for more than one function and move it from location to location or even from vehicle to vehicle. 

    Works only with our Digital Wireless Camera Systems.

    Using our Battery Pack to supply power and a magnet for mounting, a Wireless Camera can easily be made PORTABLE.  This allows the camera to be mounted temporarily to just about anywhere there is a magnetic surface that it can adhere to. 

    So now with a Single Camera, for instance, you could mount the camera on the rear of your truck to help guide you in backing up to your trailer; pointing camera towards your trailer hitch.  After you have connected trailer, you can move Camera (& Battery Pack) to rear of your trailer and use as a Rear Observation/Backup Camera. 

    No permanent installation required, no wiring required (other than plugging your battery pack into the digital wireless camera).  

    Like having 2 Cameras!

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