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    When making a decision on a type of Camera System for your RV, you basically have two options. 

    1.  An Observation/Backup Camera System which most RV’ers are familiar with to assist in maneuvering in tight spots as well as being able to see those blind spots behind your vehicle.  Or,

    2. A Recording Camera System with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that can also function as an Observation/Backup Camera but can also Record those events and more.  So which type camera system is best for you? Let’s look at some of the pros & cons of each type camera system to help you decide.


    Basic Backup camera systems generally just use a single camera mounted on the rear of the RV that is activated when the vehicle is put into reverse to allow for viewing behind the RV when going in reverse.  An Observation camera system simply bypasses that reverse trigger and is active continuously so that camera view is available all the time. 

    Depending on the overall length of your RV, an Observation camera system allows you to see who is directly behind you which can be beneficial when you swing out to make a right turn for instance….in case that vehicle thinks they can quickly slip into that space to pass!  The longer your vehicle, the greater the “Cone of Invisibility” behind your vehicle.  This blind spot can’t often be seen with your mirrors.  So an observation camera (always on) lets you see who may be on your tail at any given time.

    Above described are Single Camera System, however, some Observation Camera Systems are Multi-Camera systems.  That is, they use more than one camera, such as a second camera mounted on the right side view mirror facing rear and use to monitor the right side Blind-Spot before lane changing or making other maneuvers.


    • Backup camera activated when vehicle in reverse to allow for safe backing and assisting in maneuvering vehicle when going in reverse.
    • Backup camera view helps to avoid damage to your property and that of others.
    • Backup camera view can of course “Save Lives”, especially small children who are difficult to see….and don’t forget about pets.
    • Observation camera views can allow you to see behind your RV at all times and/or monitor other blind spots.
    • Relatively low cost to add this type of camera system.


    • Backup cameras only come on when vehicle is put into reverse.
    • Observation/Backup Cameras DO NOT RECORD should there be an incident that perhaps is not your fault especially if it involves other persons, property or vehicles.
    • Some RVs may be more difficult to install a camera system than others, increasing cost of system if you need help to install.  Wired Backup camera systems may be more costly to install than wireless backup camera systems again depending on your RV.



    As we have mentioned above, Recording Camera Systems include a built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and record video to a storage device (such as an SD Card).  They can perform the same functions as an Observation camera system with the added advantage of recording. 

    Today we find more and more RV owners are choosing a recording camera system, believing that these systems are now necessary equipment.  The more time spent behind the wheel the more that drivers are convinced that being able to capture events on video is the best way to protect themselves from other drivers.  You may not be able to prevent another driver from cutting you off, but if you have that event on video, it is hard to refute that evidence as to what really happened if there is an accident.

    No more “He said, she said” story telling.  You will be able to show what happened with video.  No more fraudulent claims or insurance scams or simply having someone refuse responsibility for their actions.  Today, having video evidence is critical; we see it in the news every day with police cams, CCTV cams, and other driver’s Dash Cams.


    • Provides all the SAFETY benefits of an Observation/Backup Cam.
    • PROTECTS you from being falsely ticketed or accused in an accident.
    • Document your Travels!  Great way to record a special Scenic Road Trip.  Download video to editing software and create videos to show friends and family……or post on YouTube or Facebook.
    • DVR Camera Systems can use multiple-cameras such as a 4 camera system with 1 camera Forward Facing (on Dash), 1 camera on each side view mirror facing rear and 1 rear mounted camera for great coverage all around.  RV Electronics has several Multi-Camera systems including one system that can handle up to 8 cameras!  Click HERE.
    • DVR Camera System can be used as a SECURITY SYSTEM.  Your Recording Camera System can be wired to a “continuous” 12V power source and cameras can operate 24 hours a day if you choose.  In low security areas, you can monitor & RECORD anyone around your vehicle, including times when you may be away from the vehicle.


    • DVR equipped camera systems cost a little more.  (But if they save you in just one incident with video evidence proving not your fault, they will more than pay for themselves.)
    • DVR equipped camera systems are usually multi-camera systems so installation will require more time and if help is needed could increase the cost of your system.

    We hope this brief comparison helps you choose the correct type camera system, observation only or observation/recording, for your needs.  Still have questions?  Please call us at 512-251-8472 and ask to speak with one of our Sales Associates.  We will be glad to help you get the correct system for you.