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    The reasons for purchasing a Camera System for your RV are generally well known these days:

    • They can help to eliminate your Blind Spots.
    • They can help to guide and maneuver your RV/Trailer.
    • They can help you see people or moveable obstacles that enter into your pathway as you back up.
    • They can prevent damage to your property or to that of others.
    • They provide video evidence for incidents that are not your fault for your insurance company or attorney.
    • Finally, they can frequently save you time, frustration and money and improve SAFETY!

    Although we all recognize the need for Camera Systems, we are not always sure whether we should get a Wired Camera System or a Wireless Camera System.  Below are some points to help you decide.

    Wired Camera Systems:  A wired camera system is defined as a system that has a cable running from the camera to the Monitor/DVR.  This cable generally provides for both power to the camera and the video transmission to the Monitor/DVR unit.


    • Cable connection is the most stable connection between the camera and the Monitor/DVR.  Loss of video signal is almost nil. 
    • Wired systems are usually of highest quality and are the most reliable.
    • There are more options on the style of cameras that are available.  RV Electronics offers 5 different types of camera styles that can work in most of our Multi-Camera Wired Systems.  See them HERE.
    • Wired systems can offer more features for less money than a wireless system.


    The major concern with Wired Systems is the installation.  Running the wires can be tricky and time consuming, and generally not for the novice.  Even DIY’ers may want to hire a professional experienced in running and securing cables for a neat, OEM finish.  This could require several hours depending on your type of vehicle and number of cameras significantly adding to the initial cost of your system.


    Wireless Camera SystemsA Wireless Camera System is defined as a system using a built-in transmitter that communicates “wirelessly” between the camera and the Monitor/DVR. 


    • Obviously, the big advantage of Wireless systems is installation, making them great for DIY’ers. These Wireless systems are more convenient and easier to install as there is no wire to run between the camera and your Monitor/DVR.  A Wireless Camera does need to be connected to a 12V power source to be able to transmit “wirelessly” however; learn more in Cons below.
    • If your setup is 5th Wheel or Trailer Hitch, there is no need for a Trailer Connector Kit and therefore no need to disconnect your camera cables so you can drop your Trailer.
    • You can make a Wireless Camera PORTABLE.  Typically a Wireless Camera has to be connected to a 12V power source to transmit “wirelessly”.  However, RV Electronics makes available a Rechargeable Battery Pack to provide Power.  Using a Special Magnet Mount, 1 for the Camera & 1 for the Battery Pack, this camera can now be PORTABLE and moved and mounted anywhere (on metal).  Camera can be mounted, for example, on the rear of your truck to guide and assist in trailer hookup and then moved to the rear of your trailer and used as a Rear Observation/Backup Camera.  Like getting 2 cameras in one! To learn more about our Rechargeable Battery Pack, Click HERE.
    • A Wireless Camera System can also allow for more flexibility in placement.  With a range of 150 unobstructed feet cameras can be mounted just about anywhere on just about any kind of vehicle.  Making a wireless camera Portable means it can be placed anywhere you can secure to a magnetic surface.


    • Wireless Camera Systems are “wireless” in the sense that there is no wire/cable running from the camera to the Monitor/DVR.  But to transmit their signal wirelessly, they MUST be connected to a 12V power source.  Sometimes that is no problem as there are frequently nearby lights or other sources to tap into for power.  Some RVs are prewired and have a mount to make adding a rear observation or backup camera even easier.  However, sometimes depending on your unit and where you need to mount your cameras, there may not be a convenient power source.  This can add difficulty to your installation and may require professional assistance – and added cost.
    • DIGITAL Wireless Camera Systems can generally provide a more crystal clear, interference free high quality picture.  Even though DIGITAL technology is less susceptible to interference, you should expect that random interference can occur with wireless camera systems.  But DIGITAL is going to be much, much less so than Bluetooth Wireless cameras.  See our comparison of Digital & Bluetooth Wireless Systems, Click HERE.
    • DIGITAL Wireless Camera technology generally costs more than a Wired Camera System.  Digital Wireless Systems sometimes sacrifice some features to offer camera systems in comparative price ranges to wired camera systems.


    Wait, what about WIFI CAMERA SYSTEMS?

    Glad you asked.  RV Electronics also offers camera systems with built-in WIFI.  WIFI enabled cameras can wirelessly transfer high-definition video to a smartphone or a tablet and control them using an app on that smartphone or tablet.


    • Once setup, the WIFI camera can easily pair with your smartphone or tablet and easily transfer high-definition video “wirelessly”.
    • Eliminates the need to insert/remove an SD card that stores your video to transfer that video to phone or tablet.
    • Eliminates the need for a MONITOR/DVR.  WIFI camera connects directly to your smartphone or tablet and using the app, you can view camera on your phone or tablet.
    • FREE App works with Android or Apple operating systems.
    • Quick Installation, only the Camera needs to be hard mounted and connected to a 12V power source.
    • Want to make installation even quicker?  Use our Rechargeable Battery Pack & a Magnet Mount for the Battery Pack and a Magnet Mount for the Camera and no “hard mounting” required.  Camera is then also PORTABLE and can be transferred among vehicles and/or placed just about anywhere you can find a magnetic surface.
    • WIFI also less likely to suffer from any interference issues compared to all other wireless systems.
    • WIFI Backup Cameras do not require connection to the internet.  The built-in transmitter creates a WIFI network that will work anywhere, including out in the boonies and primitive campsites where no internet connection is available.


    • WIFI technology costs a little more than other backup camera systems.
    • Must open and connect to app on phone or tablet to use, although normally takes less than minute.
    Hope this brief discussion makes it easier for you to choose which type of camera system will work best for your needs.  Still have questions?  Please call 512-251-8472 and ask to speak to one of our Sales Associates.  We will be glad to help you get the correct system.  Thanks & Happy RV'ing!