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  • QUAD (4) Camera DASH CAM, Record 4 Viewpoints at Same Time
  • This is 2 of our TD2CAMPRIME Dual Cam Systems bundled together to create a 4 Camera System.
  • Best Day/Low Light Front & Side Camera in the US
  • 2 Units of 6G Full HD WDR 1080P Front Facing Cam
  • 2 Units of 6G Full HD WDR 1080P Waterproof Cameras w/21’ Cable
  • Includes 3.0" Color TFT LCD
  • Includes G-Sensor to Saves & Protects Video File if Collision Detected
  • Includes Lane Departure Warning System & Front Collision Warning System
  • Built-In Microphone
  • System uses 2 Micro SD Cards to record, 1 for each Main Camera
  • Parking Motion Detection
  • Easy Install, Set up in Minutes

  • About This Dash Cam:

    Power Supply/Charger 
    System uses a 12V Cigarette Lighter Power/Charger Cord. An Optional 12V Hard Wire Kit is available.  Click Here

    Continuous Loop Record
    When system memory (SD Card) fills with video, system automatically “Loops” back to the beginning of the SD Card and starts recording over what has previously been recorded and the system will do that “continuously”.

    SD Card Memory 
    System records camera video to an SD Card. Amount of memory capacity for the SD Card will be determined by:

    • Size of Card
    • Model of Camera System
    • Number of Cameras Being Recorded
    • Resolution of Those Cameras.
    • Quality of the SD Card                                                          

    Choose your SD Card size at checkout.

    SD Card Recording Time for this Model
    All times are approximate; not guaranteed. 

    • 16GB – 3-4 Hours
    • 32GB – 6-8 Hours
    • 64GB – 12-16 Hours
    • 128GB – 24-32 Hours

    Note:  Only SD Card sizes shown will work with this model.

    One (1) Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    Optional 2nd year and 3rd year warranty available through our 3rd party provider. See pricing and availability at checkout.

    Records 1080P HD WDR Video from 4 Viewpoints! Incredible Night Vision on all 4 Cameras! Record 360 Degree of what happens at all times!

    • Includes 4 Cameras, Record 4 Viewpoints at Same Time
    • Best Day/Low Light Front & Side Camera in the US
    • 6G Full HD WDR 1080P Front Facing Cam
    • 6G Full HD WDR 1080P Waterproof Camera w/45’ Cable
    • Can use up to 128GB (Choose Memory During Checkout)
    • Easy Install, Set up in Minutes
    • Includes 2 Main dash cams with 3.0" Color TFT LCD
    • Includes Lane Departure Warning System & Front Collision Warning System
    • 1 Year Warranty

      The days of being falsely accused in a traffic accident or moving violation are over! With the Prime 4 Camera 2 Cam Night Vision Trucker Dash Cam you can share your side of the story from 4 different viewpoints with incredible ease. In crystal clear audio and high-resolution video recording, this cost-effective dashboard camera system will revolutionize the way you protect yourself or fleet!

      • Installs in minutes & includes continuous loop recording, deleting old video with new video forever
      • Record 4 viewpoints at once with time/date stamps for added legitimacy
      • Playback footage anytime, anywhere with an included 3.0” LCD screen
      • Use G-Sensor technology and the SOS feature to lock and protect video with the push of a button
      • Can use up to a 128GB SD card, which would give you 30+ hours of stored recordings

      Place one of the wide angle cameras on each side of your windshield facing forward, so you record 180 degrees of what happens in front of you! Or you can point one windshield mounted camera forward and the other one facing inside to prove what happened inside the vehicle.!

      And then you can place the other 2 weatherproof 1080P cameras anywhere you want! The most common place to install these is on each of your side view mirrors , pointing backwards, so you can view and record what happens on each side of your vehicle! 

      Since these 2 outdoor/indoor cameras have a 45' cable and are waterproof, you can practically install these anywhere to fit your specific needs! Treat this system like your own personal black box: strong, secure, and able to record the most important of moments. 

      Protecting yourself on the road has never been easier! Simple to install, easy to use, incredibly useful to have, don’t be caught without this incredible 4 Cam Dash Cam. 

      This Camera System can be wired to a 12V power source.  This would replace your cigarette lighter charger.  Click HERE to see the correct 12V Hard Wire Kit for this system.  Note:  You will need 2 HardWire Kits; one for each main camera.

      • Video Main Cameras: Full HD WDR 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
      • Video Second Cameras: Full HD WDR 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
      • Cable Length Second Cameras: 45 feet
      • Viewing Angle: Main Camera 170 Degree, 2nd Camera 140 Degree
      • Photo: 12.0 Mega-pixel, JPEG
      • Display: 3.0” TFT Colorful LCD
      • SD Card: up to 128GB micro SD Card 
      • Length of Recording Time on SD Cards:
        • 3-4 Hr with 16GB SD 
        • 6-8 Hr with 32GB 
        • 12-16 Hr with 64GB 
        • 24-32 HR with 128GB
      • Sensor: Dual Sony IMX322
      • Lane Departure Warning System: Included
      • Front Collision Warning System: Included
      • Chipset: NT96663 + 2GB DDRIII
      • Video File Format: H.264 MP4
      • G-Sensor: 3 axis solid collsion detection
      • SOS Button: included
      • Interface: USB. 2.0, HDMI
      • Internal Microphone: included
      • Operation System: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista or above
      • Continuous Loop Recording: Included
      • Parking Motion Detection: Included
      • Power: DC5V
      • Battery: Rechargeable 330mAh Li-Polymer Battery
      • Cycled Recording: Included
      • Nominal charging time: Max 2 hours
      • Battery Use Time: Up to 5 minutes (not designed to be used without charger)
      • 2 - Prime Night Vision Trucker 1080P Windshield Main Cams
      • 2 - Waterproof 2nd camera with bracket with 45 foot cable
      • 2 - USB charging/data Line
      • 2 - Cig Lighter DC mobile charger
      • You choose to include no SD Cards, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB
      • 2 - Heavy duty windshield mount
      • 1 - User guide  

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